About AMC

AMC is an abbreviation for the annual maintenance contract.

We, at Mr. Repair provide a One Stop Solution Package for Regular repair maintenance on device services such as Air Conditioner, RO, Fire and Security items (CCTV), Computer and Printers ,Pest and Rodent control.

We have a Special AMC i.e Electrician- Plumber- Carpeter for complete maintenance need for users space Residential or Commercial.

Duration : Contract can vary from 1 year to 3 year as per mutual consent of both the parties. It can also be extended in term if you want to continue with the service.

AMC type

  1. Non- Comprehensive AMC: It includes service support only, any part or spare would be in client's Scope.
  2. Comprehensive AMC : It includes service as well any part or spare needed to be repaired or replaced at very affordable price quotes.


ANNUAL MAINTENANCE OF AIR CONDITIONER Tired of calling your nearest technicians every year? Paying a lot every year just for your AC maintenance? Mr.Repair has got your back, we provide AMC contracts (annual maintenance contract) for your AC and also the best AMC services in Jaipur. Did you ever know, by paying for your maintenance charges or repair charges every year cost more than double if you take an AMC contract. AMC services provided by Mr.Repair is for you to have ease and not care

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AMC Electrical Plumbing Carpentry

ANNUAL MAINTENANCE OF E-P-C E-P-C is an abbrevation that stands for Electrician- Plumber- Carpenter. Being the only one in India, Mr.Repair provides an AMC of repairing or maintaining your full residential or commercial place in one go. Providing an Annual maintenance contract for electrical, plumbing and carpentry all together will help your place to be fit. This contract provided by Mr.Repair is the only authentic contract for this repairing service in India. By this contract you do not

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AMC Pest control

ANNUAL MAINTENANCE OF PEST CONTROL Own a restaurant, a hotel or even a home and are tired of calling your nearest pest control team regularly? Mr.Repair’s AMC Pest Control service in Jaipur is your one-stop solution, any size or type of place our expert team will cover it all. Pests troubling you every week, month or year is not a problem now as our high qualified team of pest control will be to the rescue.Any type of pest be it cockroaches, termites, bed bugs , rodents and more we wi

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AMC Kitchen (Non Comprehensive)

ANNUAL MAINTENANCE OF KITCHEN   Kitchen being one of the essential places in your home, hotel, especially restaurants need maintenance regularly. That is why Mr.Repair has come with an AMC all kitchen maintenance contract to satisfy all your kitchen deep-cleaning and repairing services. Without calling a technician every other month to deep clean your kitchen or to fix your chimney or hob-stove why not keep a regular basis checkup. Mr.Repair’s kitchen AMC services in Jaipur includ

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AMC R.O. / Aquaguard

Comprehensive Annual Maintanence of R.O/ Aquagaurd. Water is the most essential part of our lives, we put dirty water in us and the next few weeks we see us with a medical mask. Machines like water purifiers make that simpler by Eco-friendly chemicals to purify the water we take in and keep a healthy lifestyle. Searching for water purifier services near me also does not give you a guarantee of satisfaction like we experts here at Mr.Repair do. It is very important to get a water purifier inst

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AMC Fire And Security System

Annual Maintanence of Fire Alarm and CCTV Camera. Working with so many electrical appliances can be a big deal as hand in hand you are also risking yourself with fire. Nobody guarantees how safe a machine can be and you never know when it can blow up. Therefore, Mr.Repair provides the best AMC fire safety service in Jaipur. Keeping regular or periodic checks in your premises with installation of fire extinguishers, planning of evacuation plans. Provides a training module which includes mock d

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